Hedge Trimming and Cutting Services in Dublin


Imagine coming home to impeccably trimmed hedges that not only frame your property but also showcase the lush greenery in its full glory. You're not just getting a Dublin hedge trimming service; you're getting your time back.

Simple, transparent pricing

More details of our packages

Our garden care pricing structure offers flexibility to suit your needs. For weekly maintenance, we provide a starting package of two hours of dedicated service at a rate of €80.

If you prefer a bi-weekly schedule, our base Fortnightly package includes 3 hours of thorough care for €120. For those who opt for a monthly plan, the minimum commitment is 4 hours of meticulous attention to your garden, priced at €180.

These tiered options ensure that your garden receives the appropriate level of care based on your desired frequency, providing you with a well-maintained outdoor space that aligns with your preferences and budget. All plans can be made bespoke to your needs.

All packages include green waste removal.

Hedge Cutting Dublin

At Beaver Garden Care, we take pride in transforming ordinary outdoor spaces into extraordinary landscapes, carefully crafting and sculpting hedges to perfection.

Our skilled team of professionals understands that your garden is a reflection of your unique style, and we are dedicated to enhancing its beauty through expert hedge care.

Our Process

1. Get in Touch

Reach out by phone or WhatsApp and talk to our team about your hedges and shrubs. Let us know what you require and how we can be of service

2. Garden Visit

If possible we will schedule a site-visit to assess your hedges. If a visit doesn’t suit, no problem. Send us a short WhatsApp video of your hedging.

3. Hedge Perfection

We arrive on the date and time agreed and begin your hedge trimming service. Once complete, all waste is removed and you are left with perfect hedges!

Why not book a regular garden service and get hedge trimming included!

Transform your outdoor space into a lush oasis with our premier lawn care service. From precision mowing to expert fertilization, we guarantee a vibrant and healthy lawn, giving you the perfect backdrop for relaxation and outdoor enjoyment.

Defeat the weeds in your garden with our meticulous weeding service. Our dedicated team will beaver away until your beds and borders are weed free, allowing you to enjoy the splendor of your garden without the intrusion of unwanted plants.

Shape and refine the elegance of your landscape with our expert hedge trimming service. Our skilled professionals sculpt and maintain your hedges to perfection, providing a polished and inviting exterior for your home.

Revitalise your garden’s foundation with our soil improvement service. Our tailored approach using only organic products, naturaly enhances soil quality, promoting robust plant growth and ensuring a thriving, sustainable garden that will flourish with colour.

Bring your outdoor vision to life with our comprehensive planting service. Whether you desire vibrant blooms, lush greenery, or a custom garden design, our expert team carefully selects plants to create a personalised, stunning landscape that transforms your space into an oasis of relaxation.

Invite nature to flourish in your garden with our wildlife garden expertise, we are beavers after all. Our team creates and cultivates an environment that attracts and supports local wildlife, creating a picturesque haven where you can connect with the beauty of the natural world right at your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should I schedule garden care services?

We recommend scheduling regular garden care services on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, depending on the specific needs of your garden. This ensures consistent maintenance and keeps your outdoor space in optimal condition throughout the year.

Can I customise the services included in a regular garden care package?

Absolutely! Our regular garden care packages are flexible, allowing you to customise services based on your preferences and the unique requirements of your garden. Whether it’s lawn mowing, hedge trimming, or other specific tasks, we tailor our services to meet your needs.

Are your payment options easy and hassle free?

Yes! We try to make payment to us seamlessly easy.

Our preferred method would be to set you up on a hassle free direct debit.

Payment can also be made by card using our SumUp terminal, or we can give you details for a BACS transfer.

What happens if I need to reschedule a service appointment?

 Life can be unpredictable, and we understand that plans may change. If you need to reschedule a service appointment, please contact us ideally at least 24 hours in advance, and we’ll be happy to find a convenient alternative time for your garden care.

Are your garden care products and practices environmentally friendly?

 Yes, we prioritise environmentally friendly practices and use eco-friendly products whenever possible and 90 percent of our equipment is battery powered. Our commitment to sustainable gardening ensures that your outdoor space not only looks beautiful but also contributes positively to the environment.

Is there a long-term contract for regular garden care services?

No, there is no long-term contract required for our regular garden care services. We believe in earning your satisfaction with each visit. You have the flexibility to continue or modify your service plan based on your evolving needs, without being tied to a long-term commitment.

Feel free to adjust these questions and answers based on the specific details of your garden care service and the concerns your customers may have.

Employing Beaver Garden Care means embracing the convenience of a cutting schedule designed around your lifestyle.

Whether it’s a seasonal trim or routine inspections, our flexible scheduling ensures that your hedges receive the attention they deserve without disrupting your daily routine. .

Transforming your garden into a visual masterpiece begins with mastering the art of hedge trimming. At Beaver Garden Care, we understand that each hedge requires different care for its needs. Our team employs well honed techniques, ensuring your hedges not only look aesthetically pleasing but also promote healthy growth.

Precision Cuts: We specialise in precise cuts, enhancing the overall shape and symmetry of your hedges for a polished appearance.

Seasonal Timing: Discover the importance of timing with our seasonal trimming approach, ensuring your hedges flourish year-round.

Species-Specific Care: Different hedge species require tailored care. Learn how our expertise extends to providing species-specific maintenance for optimal results.

Ensuring the health and vitality of your hedges goes beyond appearances. Beaver Garden Care prioritises the well-being of your greenery, implementing practices that promote growth and resilience.

Disease Prevention: Routine inspections play a crucial role in identifying potential issues early on, preventing the spread of diseases and ensuring the longevity of your hedges.

Proper Pruning Techniques: Explore the significance of proper pruning techniques in encouraging robust growth and maintaining the overall health of your hedges.

Nutrient Management: Learn about the essential nutrients your hedges need and how our services incorporate nutrient management to keep them thriving.

Selecting the right type of hedge is a key element in crafting a stunning landscape. Beaver Garden Care offers a variety of hedge options, each with unique characteristics that cater to different preferences and needs.

Evergreen Elegance: Dive into the world of evergreen hedges, understanding their year-round appeal and the privacy they bring to your outdoor space.

Native Beauty: Embrace the charm of native hedge species, perfectly adapted to Dublin’s climate and supporting local wildlife.

Ornamental Flourish: Explore the ornamental hedges in our selection, adding a touch of flair to your garden with a range of colors and textures.

Tired of looking at a garden in disarray?

Quick Pick-Me-Up for Your Garden

Our service provides a quick pick-me-up, addressing essentials like weeding, pruning, and tidying up. Experience the joy of an instantly improved garden without the need for a long-term commitment.